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Bramblebee Photography and Design is a relatively new business, officially created in 2014 by Scott and Tracey Bramble. After many years of active photographic and design participation in the local community, it was time to grow and evolve the platform into something that could be seen beyond family and friends; into something with vision and ideas, without sacrificing the personal feel of dealing directly with people instead of a large company.

Our capacity to take on small and medium projects to suit local businesses and families is what drives this endeavour.

Please enjoy your stay on our website and feel free to view the portfolio and/or enquire about our services if you are looking for that personal touch to a business web site, design/logo service, or a photographic project.



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Scott Bramble has over 15 years of experience designing small to medium size business and personal web sites with an education specifically tailored to web and multimedia applications.

He has managed two Australian corporate web sites, including graphic design, coding, ongoing maintenance and upgrades, as well as social media integration and SEO optimisation.

For over 8 years, he has been involved in production of freelance web designs for new and emerging small businesses in the local community and beyond. It is this direction that has inspired the creation of the Bramblebee vision; to cater for freelance work to local businesses keen to start an online prescence, careful to keep overheads low, but ensuring high quality standards are maintained.


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Since purchasing his first point-and-shoot camera back in 2003, Scott has developed a passion for all things photography. Beginning as a hobby, he has spent many a late winter night out in the cold in search of that perfect shot, that sublime night sky, the perfect sunset and the gorgeous moonlit glows. The marvellous expanse of Lake Macquarie was his canvas for many years while he practiced his craft and it was during this time that he realised it was photography calling to him all these years.

After moving up from the point-and-shoot series, he has gravitated towards the Canon DSLR camera bodies and spent a lot of fun years shooting for the various MINI Cooper clubs of NSW as their "unofficial" photographer, documenting drive days, gymkahana and race days, as well as personalised photoshoots for some of the club's enthusiastic MINI Cooper owners.

These days, his photographic interests have broadened to include family photos, infant/newborn portraits and professional landscape phorography.


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Newborn/Family Portrait

Ensuring you get that precious newborn photo, or that group family photo you've always wanted


Something for the wall? Something for the new office? We have loads of stock photos to suit


Your pride in the garage, that new set of wheels, those new modifications - photos to remember


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If you're launching a new business, chances are you may need a new trademark or logo to help your new venture stand out. At Bramblebee Photography and Design, we can talk with you and come up with a design to suit your company.

Often, you will want to use that logo on all of your business supplies and it's here where Bramblebee can help too. We can design your business cards, letterheads, miscellaneous office stationery, brochures, pamphlets and more! Just ask us and we will do our best to satisfy your request. We even offer an all-in-one service organising printing and production as well if you'd prefer to have us handle the production side.

Work logos

Get in touch if you'd like to find out what other graphic design and logo services we offer!


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